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Date Published: 17 March, 2019

Automating Conventional Commit Messages - Globally

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to better myself as a developer. This includes not only getting better at the actual art of coding, but also improving on the processes of coding and finding ways to streamline and/or automate these processes. One of the areas that I had already (mostly) improved on is writing useful commit messages, so my git log doesn't end up looking like this XKCD comic:

One bad habit that is easy to fall into as a solo developer (especially under a time constraint) is to rationalize ignoring or delaying proper documentation, since you're the only one working in the codebase it is easy to think that documentation is unimportant. And it is. Until it isn't - and then it is really important.

So that is one area that I am constantly trying to improve in. A git commit message is an oft overlooked and undervalued form of documentation, so how can we improve here? I had already been, for the most part, following [The seven rules of a great Git commit message]. They made sense and were easy enough to implement, and almost got me to where I wanted to be as far as git commit messages were concerned.

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