Date Published: 31 March, 2019

Catching Mail with MailCatcher


[MailCatcher] is a powerful and easy to use Ruby gem that acts as an SMTP server that allows you to inspect emails that your application is sending out in your dev environment.


Installation is pretty simple, these are the commands that I used on my Fedora 29 install to get it up and running. If Ruby is already installed on your machine, or if you've already installed other Ruby gems, you may not need the first few lines.

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Date Published: 3 March, 2019

Creating an RSS Feed for a Symfony Blog


One of the features I've wanted to add to this blog for a while now, but kept putting off, until now, is an RSS feed. I recently created an account on [] and there was a spot to add an RSS feed to one's profile, which was the only thing stopping me from getting my profile to 100% and earning the "Profile completed" badge. Nothing like a little gamification to make me stop putting off this task.

Since I'm never one to re-invent the wheel, without justification, I of course looked to see if there were any Symfony bundles that would allow me to easily add an RSS feed to my blog. "Easily" being the keyword in that sentence. I did find several of bundles, but all of them seemed to have convoluted configuration, with a learning curve much steeper than rolling my own.

Oh, yea, you can see it in action here:

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Date Published: 24 November, 2017

The Joy of Rotating Logs in Symfony


Switching from my hand-made, hodgepodge, cobbled together collection of libraries that was trying to act more and more like a "framework" every day to a full-blown real, properly developed, properly tested framework like Symfony continues to be the best decision I've made in my programming career thus far. I've learned so much about clean code, design patterns, SOLID principles and many other programming best practices from working within Symfony's MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and reading its documentation and code when I need to extend it to bow to my every whim.

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Date Published: 19 November, 2017

Editing Shared Libraries in PhpStorm with Composer and git

Composer logo

The "Old" Workflow

When I started my current position way back in the winter of 2013 as the sole Application Developer in a corporate/enterprise environment, I was tasked with maintaining existing web applications, porting Visual Basic apps into a web environment, as well as creating new applications. Each of the php applications that I had inherited had several shared dependencies that were maintained independently in their separate project directories. Any bug that was found and fixed in one of these 'libraries' had to be copied manually to the other projects

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